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Physics Interplay between Particle Physics and Astrophysics

  1. Apr 8, 2009 #1
    Seeing the discussion in the thread about Quantum Mechanics Careers in which ZapperZ and Locrain discussing the role of a Particle Physics Theorist, the current state of affairs in particle physics and the transport of particle theorists to astrophysics theory made me think of a recent email I got from a friend of mine that pointed me to this paper on the arxiv:

    The abstract:

    Something I found interesting (as someone who does some phenomenology work). Specifically:
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  3. Apr 10, 2009 #2
    Speaking out of an undergraduate physics and astrophysics knowledge/ignorance (whichever term you prefer), I personally hope that astrophysics does come to more of the forefront of scientific research, especially since a lot of the current questions in physics stems from astrophysical phenomena (dark matter or dark energy, anyone?). Of course the only major question that comes to my mind with the idea of government agencies funding astrophysical research is if this support will be given to the older generation of scientists or to the new generation just coming out into the world of research with their brand new degrees. Of course, I would prefer the latter, but would the government?
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