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Intro book for Mathematical Analysis

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    I am looking to learn analysis on my own - would like to know how does the book "real mathematical analysis" by Pugh compare to baby Rudin.
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    i dont know anything about pugh, but I don't think rudin is the best book for self studying.

    strichartz's the way of analysis isnt the best reference book but it describes things in a "story-like" manner which might help for someone self studying. ross's elementary analsyis is kinda comparable to a spivak calculus type deal, but more geared towarfds lower end analsyis.

    ive also heard great things about rosenlicht's intro to analysis (its a cheap dover)
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    I really liked Introduction to Real Analysis by Bartle and Sherbert. It is a good intro book and it can be used for self study. Pretty good INTRO book. Not as thorough as other books however.
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    Serge Lang, Undergraduate analysis is a good book.
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    analysis self-learning is tough - rudin would be hard as it is if you were in a class. go with pugh.
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    what courses should you have b4 trying to self-study analysis?
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    Chris Hillman

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    Ditto Bartle if you are afraid of baby Rudin. Not that anyone should be afraid of baby Rudin--- it's a wonderful book!
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