Introductory Particle Physics

  1. Hi all;
    I will work master's degree in particle physics and I want an experimental textbook for particle physics, and i have two choices

    is "Introduction to high energy physics" by Perkins

    or "particle physics" by B.R. Martin & G. Shaw

    Can you advise me
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  3. I haven't used Perkins myself so I can't say anything about it, but Martin&Shaw I've used. It is quite nice and often comprehensive and contains most of what you need on an introductory level (basic QM is probably all you will need). It also has solutions to all problems which is nice if you use it for self study.

    However, I would instead recommend Griffiths "Introduction to Elementary Particles". It is better than the other in my opinion, better explanations of the concepts in the comprehensive style of Griffiths. It is a bit more advanced than the previous two (don't know about Perkins as I said) since it also introduces a basic form of Quantum Field Theory to be able to calculate cross sections, but it covers the same concepts (at least as Martin&Shaw).
  4. thank you so much
    i think that Martin's book advantage is it is up to date
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