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Invasion of Iraq

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    I just finished watching that show called Generation Kill and I was reading the thread in the Politics forum. Since there are plenty of people on here from a variety of different countries/cultures I was wondering: How did/does the Invasion of Iraq make you feel?

    I remember watching the invasion on CNN. I was in grade 9 at the time and aspiring to be a pilot for the Canadian forces. I remember watching the live video footage of Baghdad and you could hear the roar of fighter jets, you coudn't see them though. Next you would hear Iraqi AA weapons shooting blind (they had no way to detect the US bombers so were firing based mostly on sound). Then it would be semi quiet and BOOM a huge explosion followed by another and another... It was one of the sadest things I had ever seen... it made me feel sick to my stomach to know that another human being like myself was over there living through that. That day I decided that if as a pilot I may have to do that that I didn't want to do it.

    7,629 civilians were killed during the Invasion of Iraq and from what I saw in the episodes of Generation Kill it was probably just the American military going way beyond the necessary means. This number is only the Invasion... not a total since occupation.

    I do however remember feeling completely in awe at how quickly the Iraqi army was defeated. They put up barely any resistance only killing 172 coalition forces in the invasion compared to the 10 000 they had lost. It made me feel that in these modern times if a modern country with an advanced military wanted to invade a country, they just can go do it no problem... in out in a few months country completely destroyed and the opposing country couldn't even put up a fight. Would this be the same way against a country like say Britain? The would be bombed pretty much the exact same way... and I think that it is those bombings that really turn the tide of the war. It's not exactly like a sudden invasion will allow Britain to effectively 'counter-attack' America... Say America wanted to invade Canada?
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    Similar conclusions have been drawn over thousands of times on the PF. There is not enough to argue about; most agree it was an act of poor judgment. The damages cannot be undone hence I believe it is time to move on while not forgetting the mistakes made.
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    Has it? Sorry I never saw a thread about this on PF before lol... I'm getting more specifically at their feelings during the invasion, not what they felt after the fact.

    Sorry if it's been posted already though
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    I believe Iraq war has been discussed many times before.. now once again in the Politics. I never see anything new in them ... Same material over and over again.
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    Sad - for the lives lost and damaged. :frown:
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