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Investigating the effects of changing the length and width of transistor channel

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    I posted this here because it is for a bit of course work, but I am just looking to confirm if I am using the right equation. I hope this is ok! If not, sorry! I just didn't think since I was asking a specific assignment question, I would post here.

    I need to investiage how changing the width and length of a transistor channel effects the threshold voltage. I need to do this in a simulation package and in theory. The simulation is grand, so now I just need to back it up.

    I have been given a few parameters, such as a starting threshold voltage, figure for mobability, thickness of oxide. So, would I be correct in using, and rearranging the following equation to see how the Vt changes?

    Id = β ((Vg-Vt)Vd - Vd2/2)

    Where β = ([itex]\mu[/itex]0 W Cox/L)

    I have some issues rearrenging equations, but if I know I am on the right path, I can work on it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Opps, guess I did post in the wrong place.


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