Ionized water spray bottles

  1. "Ionized water spray bottles"

    I'm not sure if anyone has seen these products. But, there are several different products out there - you put plain tap water into a spray bottle that has a battery & some "fancy looking" electronic equipment inside, include little LED lights that apparently flash for dramatic effect so the user knows that something amazing is happening.

    The claims:
    Am I being too skeptical in not believing a bit of this? Just plain water is often sufficient for cleaning surfaces. Is there anything believable about these claims that turns plain water into something better than plain water using... water as an ingredient?
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    Just ignore those claims, they are wrong. There are no "nano-bubbles" in water, and you cannot increase the fraction of oxygen without adding oxygen (or removing hydrogen, which is tricky). There is no point in additional oxygen anyway.

    Ion exchangers have a real effect, but they remove one type of ions and replace them with another type of ions - they change the chemical structure.
  4. I should probably give the motivation for my question - how to I explain to a department where I work that the 1000's of dollars they're spending on these spray bottles is completely wasted - the claims are bogus. But, I never assume I know everything - I could be wrong (shhhh, don't tell my wife; as far as she knows, I'm never wrong), but I'd love to find a resource that demonstrates that these claims are bogus, or some sort of specific factual argument that really demonstrates it.
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    - The manufacturer fails to give a reasonable scientific explanation for the claims.
    - The manufacturer was not able to publish those claims in a reasonable journal, or patent them
    - Actually, no manufacturer was able to get repeatable results for similar claims.

    There are too many quacks out there to test every possible product, but there are many studies of similar claims, all with a negative result.
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