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IR transparent fluids

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    I am working on visualization of flow with thermal infrared camera. As it is known, water is not transparent for IR spectrum of light, so you can`t watch phenomena that are occuring "inside". You can only see things that are occuring on the interface of water and wall.

    I have been working with some fluids like acetone or dichloromethane, which are transparent only few millimeters.
    Now I am trying to find liquids that are transparent more than that, let`s say few cm.
    So, has anybody been working with such a fluid or does anybody know for a research/article, which has dealed with this things?

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    I am also looking for room temperature IR transparent fluids. Were you able to narrow down any fluids with such property ? Please suggest.

    Thank you !
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    Carbon tetrachloride has no IR spectrum.
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