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Irrational numbers in physics

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    I have some theories about physical facts derived from the size of powers in physics, compared to the first fraction of an irrational number.

    I do not know if this is redundant with present day science, but I am curious about it.

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    Could you possibly be just a little more vague? I almost have some tiny idea of what you might be talking about, but not really.
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    I've always wondered what physicists, who are nothing if not rational, think about irrational numbers. Do your theories shed some light on this?
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    It is rational but not proven by me, nor do I know if it is profound.

    1.7 ^-27

    2.7.. is e.

    1.6 ^-19

    1.6.. is natural constant (golden ration)

    Both these numbers with both high power come from physics.
    So why should they not correspond to the irrational number?

    I do not know the anwer to this, and so not what physicists might do with such numbers.
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    Sorry, bhpv, we don't allow speculation or personal theories here.
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