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Is air resistance dependent on mass?

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    Is air resistance dependent on mass?

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    It's dependant on surface area.
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    The air resistance is a force that is imposed on whatever comes air with some relative velocity regardless of their mass. A styrofoam ball undergoes the same air resistance that a lead sphere of the same diameter.
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    Air resistance is dependent on size, shape, surface texture, and velocity of a body. Bodies equal in all these respects, but differing in mass, will experience equal air resistance.
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    It depends on the situation.

    If you increase the mass/weight of an aircraft (by filling it with more passengers) then the lift required to keep it in the air increases. The wing has to fly at a larger angle of attack to produce the extra lift and that increases drag.
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    Changing the wing profile is an alteration to the shape.
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    alright thanks peeps!
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    If you drop two objects (identical except for the mass) from a height initially the acceleration is the same (when the speed = 0) but as air drag takes a role (as the speed comes into play) the greater mass will always have a greater acceleration than the lesser mass as well as a higher terminal velocity
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