Is C02 free goods distribution possible?

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I have done only a little research on this subject and would like to see what people with much more insight and knowledge think about this.
Suppose I want to create a distribution company. Let's say hypothetically my cash balance is unlimited for the time being. I purchase a windturbine in a location that supplies me with at least 7 mph of wind speed on average per day, which isn't out of the question. This in turn produces 140kWh per day (I haven't been able to find out exact figures but I will assume from the information provided on the sales websites [Broken] that these numbers are reasonably accurate). Again from very preliminary research ( I am lead to believe that an electric car or van requires 15kWh for a full recharge. From a standard 120v outlet this takes apporoximately 10 hours and from a 240v outlet half that.

If I had a convoy of say five vehicles could I run a distribution company that delivers goods during the day and recharges the vehicles at night from the power generated by the turbine.

Is this possible?
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I would look into the amount of miles driven in a day by a delivery van and you will probably find the idea won't work. You will do a few drops of packages, run out of juice mid day, and charge for 10 hours.

Also, the problem with your idea is that each van is going to be very expensive, as is a wind turbine. You have to make a profit to stay in business... This idea of 'lets say I have unlimited money' is, well, nieve.