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Is current the flow of protons or just the movement of holes

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    I know that current flows in the opposite direction of electrons but I'm confused as to whether it is the movement of holes like in a semiconductor or if there are actual positive particles flowing that way.
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    Positive current flow is a convention. In metallic conductors only electrons move. You must understand that this convention was in place before quantum mechanics, it is historic and not physical.
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    Integral is correct.

    Conventional is based on or in accordance with what was generally done or believed. Benjamin Franklin was an accountant and assumed electricity flowed from positive to negative.

    Conventional Current assumes that current flows out of the positive terminal, through the circuit and into the negative terminal of the source. This was the convention chosen during the discovery of electricity. They were wrong!

    Electron Flow is what actually happens and electrons flow out of the negative terminal, through the circuit and into the positive terminal of the source.

    Both Conventional Current and Electron Flow are used by industry. Many textbooks are available in both Electron Flow and Conventional Current formats.

    It is a trick of the trade. The automobile industry uses Conventional.

    I only use “Electron Flow” negative to positive.

    People pay for their ignorance.

    Justification for a higher education.


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