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Is discussing ideas with your professor a good idea?

  1. May 5, 2015 #1
    I speak about my ideas quite openly, with many people as entreprenuership is one of my passions. (and hopefullly me and my friend will have started my start up shortly after this semesters finals).

    I speak about my research ideas that I have with my professor, but I am currently an undergraduate and plan on going to a prestigious school next hopefully. Many of them love my ideas and want me to do research for them. However I do not discuss my immediate money making ideas with them, for example my start up I am currently working on. Should I discuss business ideas with them as well?

    Thank you,
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    Anyone you discuss your ideas with can get a notion to run with it too. Another problem is they may mention a novel twist which means you would need to consider their contribution as well.

    There was a This American Life podcast actually two on inventions, patents and litigation. One story involved a major law firm that would take up inventor patents and litigate against supposed infringers making millions until they met up with the wrong company had a court battle and lost the rights because the inventor didn't really invent it. He instead wrote down someone else's ideas and patented them as his own and the defense found a reference in his notes on it.

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