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Is everything in the universe connected to eachother?

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    Is everything in the universe connected to eachother?

    For instance, is there a connection between my hand and some galaxy far far away?
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    Yeah... indirectly. So if you move your hand really really fast it wont do anything.
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    Are u talking about the speed of light when u say my hand wont do anything?

    With 'connected', i mean more like a direct connection, like quantum entanglement.
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    I was talking in more practical terms since you can't move your hand that fast, not to mention that your hand would no longer be considered a hand at that point. But anyhow, you're connected by interacting magnetic fields of various scales. Even if you moved at the speed of light, the magnitude of energy you would have to disburse in order to get there would have to be greater than any magnetic field that stands in your way because otherwise you'll be absorbed. Meaning, you're connected, but your hand can't produce a wave length strong enough to reach that galaxy.

    In retrospect, if you pictured an enormous amount of strings of different lengths and sizes [some very thick and some very thin] all entangled together in various knots on a single string that twisted every which way and more, you'd be like the size of a single stitch that a dust mite made if dust mites could stitch. However, you can probably invent a machine that can produce the power need to get you there at the push of a button, but that doesn't seem like what you were looking for...right?
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    Mach says yes. What's the current thinking on the Mach principal?
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    There's a very very very small force of gravity between your hand and that galaxy. Depends on your definition of "connected" and at what point do negligable things make connections. I got into a huge debate with my friend on a similar topic to this.

  8. Jun 30, 2005 #7
    "When to the new eyes of thee
    All things by Immortal power
    Near or far
    To each other link-ed are
    That thou cans't stir a flower
    Without troubling a star
    ... Seek no more
    Pass the gates of Lutharny
    Tread the region Elenor"

    From 'The Mistress Of Vision - Francis Thompson
  9. Jul 4, 2005 #8
    im a retard but - each object has a gravitational force - so logically the slightest movement of this force would have a slight effect on the next object and the next and so on and so forth. a good metaphor for what im saying would be to call it dominos lol. you only move one domino yet all the others have a reaction.
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    I guess this is true. I was wondering if there is a more 'direct' connection between all of the universe.

    I am asking this, because sometimes people have a rare experience, in which they feel as if they are connected to the entire universe, as if their body and mind expand beyond the horizon. Some people say that these things are hallucinations, so i am wondering if this experience actually matches what is known about the nature of this universe.

    If this experience indeed is compatible with the nature of the universe, then why would one consider it a hallucination?

    Similarly, if one sees a car, and this car is actually there, why would one consider this a hallucination?
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    Depends on your definition of "more direct". All mass equals energy and all energy exerts a force. Your hand never "directly" contacts the keyboard because of the repulsion of the keyboard and your fingertips.
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    Cosmic interconnection

    That seems to be a current line of thought especially among David Bohm followers. Bohm wrote a book called "Wholeness and the Implicate Orde" (Very complicated with deep mathematics). He makes the claim that the entire universe is connected at some unseen level.

    The idea that the universe was all connected before the big bang is widely accepted. The double slit experiment and quantum nonlocality also reinforces quantum interconnection.
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    That's only if were correct on our theories about gravity :)
  14. Jul 11, 2005 #13
    So something is correct if and only if it is correct?

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