Is gravity just electromagnetism?

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    Recently, I was pondering over the thought that is most of the elementary particles have intrinsic magnetism, then can gravity be just a weaker form of electromagnetic attraction? But decided the idea was silly.

    But I googled it later and found this article
    [removed link to crackpot website - mfb].

    Is this idea really compatible with other theories as the article mentions? Is there any chance of this proposition being true?
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    You came to the correct conclusion. There's nothing wrong with considering any possibility, as long as you reject the ones that don't pan out - and this is one that doesn't pan out.

    It's crackpottery.
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    Do not trust any random blog you find on the internet...there is a blog for every random idea anyone has ever had out there...
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    Gravity as a side-effect of electromagnetism was discussed ~100 years ago but quickly dismissed because it just does not work.
    It is possible to combine both theories in a classical field theory, but even there they are different things.
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