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What do you think of this paper?

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    I have recently read a paper called "Engineering of Gravity and Time" for an undergraduate student. It contains a theory of gravity and time depending on rotation.
    Well.., I think it looks quiet percussive. However, fairly, it contains some worthwhile ideas, especially it answers some elementary questions that current theories can not such as "why is gravity much weaker than other forces?". It recommends an experiment at the end too.
    So.., I wish you read it and tell me what you think, please.

    Available at
    << Link removed.>>

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    Complete hogwash.

    "Earth attracts Newton’s apple and not vice versa." False.
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    This is true with respect to his theory "rotation" because Earth rotates but the apple does not ( Eq. 1). However, false with respect to relativity.
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    The link given is not to an acceptable source as per PF rules.

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