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Is hydrogen a super-antioxidant?

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    I saw this stuff called HydrogenBoost at the store a while ago. Does anyone know of any studies on it, or have any opinons based on what they know about cells on whether it will work or not?

    Here is a quote from http://www.docwatsonshealthstuff.com/docwatsonsite_00000b.htm:
    I am wondering is if that means anything when a person takes it, since there are lots of vitamins that have to be in a certain form to be utilized by the body, and even though one tablet has more of the vitamin the other tablet is better for you because it is in a more usable form.
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    I'd be skeptical of the claims of any product that is not FDA-approved. (You may want to be skeptical of some FDA-approved products too, but it at least shows they're making claims backed by scientific evidence.)

    Refer to this site for a debunking of the claim, which as you can see by the date, is not new:

    Since we do not permit pseudoscience here, I'm now going to close this thread.
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