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Is it carelessness or something else? (Having trouble reading certain

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    Is it carelessness or something else? (Having trouble reading certain

    I'm currently on exponents, and noticed that certain problems ill read it one time, and see one problem, then read it another and some of the numbers will be different. I'll read x^6 once, then I'll read it again when I'm told the problem is done wrong. I'll read it as x^-3. This worries me a bit, because I don't know if I'm just being careless, or if something is going on. usually it's in problems that have long strings of variables and exponents smushed together. If I have the opportunity to do the problem over I get it right. Is it carelessness, me practicing too much, or something like dyslexia?
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    Just take a nap, normally if you have been working to hard a nap is need, sleep on the problems and you will be able to solve them. You cannot solve mathematics with not sleep. If you are being careless, then work a little harder, do some mindfulness exercises, read and re-read the problem. Hope that helped :)
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    It is, concievably, a form of dylexia but that is something that should be diagonsed by a doctor and would not show up is such a limited form. I would be more inclined to go with tiredness, as Tenshou suggests, or simple carelessness!
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