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Is it normal for a laptop power adapter to be hot

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    I bought a ravpower brand laptop power adapter half year ago,it works well before,but this week i find it will become very hot,I don't know why.But I am thinking maybe it is relative with the time of using or the voltage?Or some other problem?Sometimes I play games for all day and I have a bad habbit that I always forget to turn off my laptop.Do I use my laptop too much?And will this lead to laptop power adapter too hot?
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    Check your cpu usage . . . Because normally charger overheats quickly when cpu usage is like near to 100% ....
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    If has suddenly started getting hot, something must have changed to make that happen. Maybe the laptop battery is getting near the end of its life, for example.

    Power adapters usually get warm, but they shouldn't get hot enough to cause a risk of injuring people or starting fires.
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    I don't think if the processor usage 100% it will make the power supply to warm up. because the processor usage in mA while for adapter to warm up this means that a current in the range of Ampere is passing through it.
    Since it was working fine, and you encounter this problem recently, so check if your battery is working fine, since if your laptop battery is not in good state this may cause your adapter to warm up.
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