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Is it possible to make your metallic glass

  1. Feb 10, 2009 #1
    I need metallic glass for my hobbies and crafts.
    I learned that its possible to thermoplastic injection of metallic glass.
    Is it possible to produce such a lumb of metal and how ?

    Best regards ,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac

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    If by "metallic glass" you mean a clear metal, no it can't be done through any process I've heard of. However, I'm sure there is some research being done in the area of rapid prototyping/manufacturing to make composite parts using glass and metal. I doubt it would end up being clear however, and probably not as strong as either.

    It doesn't make sense that you'd be able to make a metallic glass through a thermoplastic injeciton process, since by definition a thermoplastic injection process is made to be used with thermoplastics, not glass and metal.
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    I meant with metallic glass , amorph metal.
    Some companies produce these materials for to make golf clubs to guns.
    And it is possible to inject it.
    I am asking is there any researcher , home maker produced his own amorph metal ?

    Best ,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac

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    The idea of metallic glass is to have metals that are amorphous that are stronger than crystalline metals as there are no dislocations to overcome. To achieve this state the metals must be supercooled ie, after the molten metal alloys have been added they are quenched pretty fast at superlow temperatures giving no time for the crystalline structures to form.

    If you require papers on this I will be glad to pass them on to you. I am not sure though if one can inject it.
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    Darkelf ,

    US military thinks to inject amorph metals in to the shape of rifle barrels.
    I think nobody knows to do at home.
    mustafaumutsarac@ g mail com is my e mail address.
    If you pass the papers , I will be happy.
    I read something pouring the metal to the copper molds.
    I think there are many formulas but I read there is % 80-90 aluminium content formulas.
    I think they will be easy to make.
    I need to learn this cooling technology.

    Best ,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac

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    You talking about casting here. As in casting the metal into the shape you want it then cooling it. Most of the technology for this is done in switzeland and its used for laptops. I don't think the metal alloy composition is much in question as the aim is to avoid crystal structures in the metal so most metal alloy compositions will do.
    Now about millitary applications, I have no idea on that and leave that to the miltary.
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    Amorphous metals are prepared by rapid solidification processes.
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    I have a little experience with melt-spinning, but you can only make thin ribbons using this technique. And for most metals/alloys you would need liquid nitrogen to cool the wheel.

    But I am not aware of thermoplastic injection of amorphous/glassy materials.
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