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Is it unusal that...

  1. Jan 23, 2016 #1
    Hello folks,

    -Is it unusual that people start their university education in their mid twenties in the EU, and does it come with any handicaps, like additional fees , additional papperwork and similar?

    -Also, in your opinion, how does it affect carreers, given that the student did excepionally well, but started later, and not fresh out of high school? (In other words, will it look bad on my CV or cripple me totally despite (possible) exceptional results).

    The following is some information about the situation i found myself in, to give context and justification for my questions, but are of no real importance to answering my above stated questions.:

    Out of High School, I enrolled in the nearest university , in my non-EU european country, for a physics degree in experimental physics. I did exceptionally well, but i was not able to find a scholarship in my country that would finance me during my bachelor studies. And being from a poor family, with a scarce part time job market in my country, and obligatorry attendance in 60% of my courses, i had no other choice then to find some full time job and drop out of college for the time being. Witch I did. Because of luck and devotion I got a shinning career in mere years, and now, with 25 years, I financially secured my mother and have enough money saved to be able to leave my current job, and go to study physics abroad, hopefully in Germany. Through my working years i never lost my interest for physics and math, and i actively read and studied various fields in a semi-academical manner, since my free time was VERY limited, and i had other interests as well. I do hope that i wont get handicapped for what life brought me, and that i will get a fair chance of working hard in a field that responds to my passions and interests. I thank everybody in advance for the time i took of them to read this, and for their answers. May you have a productive and nice rest of the day. Thank you.
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    My GUESS is that the extra age will not be a large handicap. You do need to know that the majority of those who study math or physics do not find work in those fields. Engineering is more practical.
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