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Is matter still being created?

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    Is new matter still being created from energy in the universe anywhere, or is that something that only happened at the big bang? And is there a known way to create matter from energy?
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    Hi there,

    Matter is being created all the time. Are you familiar with the "pair production" process? The process of creating an electron-positron pair from a >1.22MeV photon.

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    Nope I wasn't aware of that, now I know the name it's a lot easier to find articles to read about it. So thanks for the info :)
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    The total energy content of the universe is fixed to the best of our knowledge. This does not preclude the conversion of energy to matter, or vice versa.
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    The reverse is also true. Matter gets "destroyed" in nuclear reactors. Or, more accurately, it is converted into a different form of energy.
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    Hi there,

    But not only in nuclear reactors. The "destruction" of matter is a natural process, happening all the time. The natural terrestrial background radiation is the result of this natural process.

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