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Is Maxwell's third law the proof of conservation of energy in E&M?

  1. Apr 19, 2013 #1

    When studying the law I noticed that the change in magnetic field (i.e the magnet's motion) is = to the EMF induced.

    That proofs to me how the principle of the conservation of energy is applied to the world of electromagnetism as well!

    The energy applied to move the magnet is converted to electrical energy!
    That's my interpretation of the law, and my method of realting it to my other materials.

    Am I doing it right here? :)

    Its really wonderful to finally understand E&M, well a little of it lol, its very difficult!

    Any suggestion to what I should study next?(Btw I self teach myself... So... :P)
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    This just blew me away! But is this experimentally proven though? I seem to be fuzzy with the math a bit. But tried to understand them.
    Initially isn't the 3rd law enough? I find this very complex.
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