Is only one Calculus book (Stewart, etc.) used for Calculus 1,2,3?

Just looking to purchase a Calculus book and curious how many books are used from Calculus 1,2,3. Thanks.
For Stewart,there are 2 books, one for single variable(calc i & II) and the other for multivariable(calc III). The second one is a kind of a rip off as it has the last two chapter from the first in it and is very much shorter yet is still over $100!
Stewart's book, and his competitor's, are generally over-priced. They have a lot of un-necessary crap: cd's, secret codes for a website, too too many applications, laughable 'explanations'. The book is about 200/300 pages to long, and $40-$50 too expensive.

It does have many questions, and it is suitable for people who are not so strong in mathematics, and for engineers, bio students, commerec students etc., not mathematicians and physicists.

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