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Is OpenGL too old for computer graphics programming?

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    I am new to the world of computer science. I learnt C language last year in my university. I also have a basic knowledge of OOP concepts and C#

    I want to learn Computer Graphics. I found this book named "Computer Graphics Using OpenGL by F.S. Hill" in the Library. The copyright year of the book is 1990. I was wondering, would the info in this book be too old for today? Also, is OpenGL an old software? Is it still used? What are other platforms for computer graphics apart from OpenGL?
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    It pretty much comes down to OpenGL (most platforms) and DirectX (Windows only). DirectX is very popular because Windows is a popular gaming platform, but don't be fooled, OpenGL is very capable and robust.

    I think you could learn either one and transition to the other without too much fuss, although there is a steep learning curve to learn that one the first time, especially for 3d graphics.

    There's only one real way to figure these things out and that's start making things. Might I suggest you have a go at something 2d first, and not a game, just draw and get your head around that. The game can come later. When it comes to 3d, you need a bit of maths. Not that much, the library handles most of the complicated transformations for you, but you best know what a frustum is, and your trig, some basic calculus and matrices.

    Anyway, one step at a time, go draw something! There's thousands of tutorials around. The time to figure out what the market wants is after you've been playing for a while and have some perspective.

    For what it's worth, my first foray towards graphics programming was with the SDL library and these tutorials. Once I had a few basics down, I took a class at uni and we used Glut which is a library for writing OpenGL programs
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    Going off of what's already been said,

    It depends a lot on what you want to use it for- directX tends to be a bit more polished, plus it comes with sound functions as well. It is only available on windows, however, as it is Microsoft. Also, used in X-box coding (direct X, X box, that's where it got its name)

    OpenGL is simpler, and much more portable, It had been in a lull for the past few years but I think a come back is due!
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