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Is our world a simulation? Why some scientists say it's more

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    I don't want to discuss the subject of the article, I just wonder how people on here feel about respected and well educated scientists giving such subjects their time?

    "Harvard theoretical physicist Lisa Randall is even more skeptical. “I don’t see that there’s really an argument for it,” she said. “There’s no real evidence.”

    What she should say is "There is NO evidence for it".

    I feel a bit annoyed that NASA and Harvard scientists are giving this subject any time they may as well say the bible could be true.
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    I think the "universe may be a simulation" idea is kind of silly too. (It doesn't merit a whole lot of consideration in my book.)

    That said, if physicists/scientists think about such things in their spare time, it doesn't really do any harm, and may lead to interesting (and maybe fun) discussions.

    Here is a video of the 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation? There are some interesting points made if one cares to watch it. So there's that.

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    Thanks for the video, I'll check that out later.

    I don't mind them discussing it but I don't like them respecting the idea, they should rubbish it just like they should rubbish religion because there is absolutely no evidence for it. These are scientists people like me look up to so it disappoints me to hear them talk like this. I expect better.
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    Agreed, but I would not include the "kind of" caveat.
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    There is plenty of historical precedence of smart people having silly ideas.
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    Strings/SUSY anyone? o:) :-p
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    NewToThis, I couldn't agree with you more, this falls under nonsense/philosophy and while we can't prevent people from coming up with such things (what did they think before computers?) at least we can not waste our time on it. :smile: So I am closing this before we attract a bunch of people that think this is a philosophical thread. Not that there is anything wrong with philosophy, this isn't the place for it.

    And Collinsmark, I'm mortified, you owe me a possessed dog picture now, Halloween is just around the corner.
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