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Is Postive Electric Field at high potential or Negative electric field?

  1. What i mean to say is, for example we have two plates, one positive the other negative...

    By convention the positive is said to be at a higher potential than the negative one..

    But what if i put an electron between these two plates. The electron would obviously go towards the positive terminal.

    How is this possible?...a thing going from lower potential to higher potential?? I was taught that things spontaneously go from Higher to lower!!

    Thanks in advance
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    welcome to pf!

    hi khamaar! welcome to pf! :wink:
    no, things don't spontaneously go from higher potential to lower

    they spontaneously go from higher potential energy to lower …

    and electric potential is potential energy per charge

    (just like gravitational potential being potential energy per mass)

    so an electron (with negative charge) going to higher potential does go to lower potential energy! :smile:
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  4. ohhhhh...thanks, i understand..but now there is one other problem.

    An electron is left in a positive electric field. Does it go Up the potential gradient? or down the potential gradient?..

    thnx in advance...
    (PS. this is a question, which i read in some book today)
  5. tiny-tim

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    well, up is to a higher electric potential, sooo … ? :smile:
  6. so an electron moves up the potential gradient in an electric field?
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    yup! :biggrin:
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