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Is Science right for me?

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    Alright, I had a long post with background information and everything, but then something happened and I lost everything I wrote on the last minute. So I'm just gonna do this briefly...

    I'm 18, finishing High School, and I need help deciding whether Science -or Physics is right for me.

    Is there something I can try or do that'll help me find the answer? Why did you guys choose Physics? How's your life? The money? How's your social life? Working hours? Enough time for recreational activities? Enough time for second jobs/professions? A third? In short, what's it like being a physicist?
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    1. Try learning about science
    2. The glib answer is that it pays more than music and I wasn't good enough at football.
    3. My life rocks.
    4. I get paid enough to pay rent, bills, food, and save a bit. (I am a grad student, your mileage may vary).
    5. My fellow graduate students are quite fun to work with. I have time for a girl friend.
    6. 8am until I stop. Usually between 8pm and 11pm.
    7. My recreational activities are limited to a bit of guitar per week, watching some football on Sunday, and most of all doing physics!
    8. No
    8(b). Hell No
    9. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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