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Is space already magnified?

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    Could what we're looking at in space already be magnified, but we just don't realize it? I can take an ordinary camera and zoom out, then zoom in. The image moves and gets larger (the big bang?) or smaller. Just wondering if space is displaying this sort of behavior? I suppose it would take some outside manipulation to do this (as in the person operating the camera).
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    The universe is expanding, but knowbody knows what is causing the expansion. The expanding was deduced as a consequence of the General Theory of Relativity (GTR) and later experimentally confirmed by Edwin Hubble. The expansion is only indirectly derived from GTR but knowbody knows what started it in the first place. Its just like nobody knows what caused the Big bang

    Very good topic soft rain
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    i didn't understand ur application of big bang in this example...
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    A camera lens "expands" the image into a much larger or much smaller frame of reference. This seems like a most natural thing to be occurring in space as to what we actually are seeing. I don't believe the sizes of the universe that have been estimated. It could actually be very tiny.

    Just like when you swim underwater, if you open your eyes under water, you get a magnification effect. Objects are bigger. I've heard new theories of the universe being "fluid". Maybe that is what is happening...
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    Sometimes I imagine myself riding a trajectory in the Lorenz Attractor and wondering . . . what an infinitely unfolding world all about me.:smile:
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    What do you mean by "magnified" here?
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    u have a distinct way of thinking. i like it a lot. i'm glad i came across this forum. there r so many people i can be inspired by...:smile:
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