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Is space travel possible?

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    Space travel is possible (or not) not more than time travel is.

    Do you thing that you can travel back and forward in space? You may THINK that you can, but you can't.
    We all travel with earth, and earth travels with sun, and sun travels... etc.
    The final velocity is too high to reach with any technology, so we can't cancel it or reverse it.
    It's impossible to go back in space! As it is impossible to go back in time.

    - We ALL travel only forward in space and time.

    - The small variances in our velocity is more noticeable in space than in time
    (this is due to the very high speed the light has according to our perception).

    - Forget about time travelling and think about space travelling first!

    Any comment?
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    You mean that when I leave home to go to work in the morning, I can't go back?
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    I take it, then, that you have no idea what "relative velocity" means!
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    This is pretty much nonsense. It does not belong in the Relativity fourm, perhaps GD is a better place for it. Moved.
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    ...what are you smoking, man?
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    You mean the sandwich I brought to work is stuck in the refrigerator forever? But I'm so hungry. I'll have to wait until I get home to eat.

    Wait. I can't go home either. I'm doomed to roam the Earth for the rest of my life, without home or love. :(

    You win this time, unidirectional, apparently 2-D Space.
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    Math Is Hard

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    No comprende.
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