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B Is supersymmetry dead?

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    Not that I know off for the first. Yes for the second. High scale supersymmetry has interesting phenomenology. It helps with Leptogenesis, as well as inflationary and GUT scale model building. However the dark matter candidate (the LSP with R parity) must necessarily be relatively light to avoid overproduction in the early universe and so there will be a large hierarchy between that mass and the natural mass of the other superpartners. Scenarios like that have been explored quite a bit recently. Alternatively you also have models with mid scale supersymmetry (with superpartners at around the 100s or 1000s of TEV) and these naturally also provide a dark matter candidate without finetuning (the mass of the Higgs of course will be tuned at the 10^5-10^6 level). That's called split supersymmetry.
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    Except the multiverse isn't a theory, it's a consequence of some theories, right?
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    I've developed an effective field theory which, as solutions, has humans. But I haven't published it yet, since I only obtain women, not men, due to a lack of spontaneous gendersymmetrybreaking.

    It also contains cats, so I can also explain half of the youtube content with it. :P
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    Even if fairies and globlins were reality in other multi universe.. their scientists may still not be able to detect them if they have the same mindset as our scientists which are:

    1. Expecting the fairies and goblins and ghosts to knock on their doors
    2. Only accepting doing experiments that conform to their preconceived ideas of how nature works...and if there are massive null results.. using arguments of Unnaturalness akin to Sabine who critiqued other physicists.. but just the same, she suffered the same bias of accepting only experiments that conform to the preconceived ideas of how nature works
    3. Refusing to consider the possibility consciousness or sentience can develop in subtle matter such as dark matter
    4. Refusing to do experiments where these sentient beings were invoked or call upon.. or doing any experiments that involves more complexities like accessing certain information contents to cause a physical shift or result... in addition to just colliding particles like in particle accelerators
    4. Promoting Shut Up and Calculate in QM and QFT and ignoring any possible ontology (which may have new degree of freedom showing up) with the results one throws the baby with the bathwater
    5. Treating all witnesses to them as mentally unstable.. including witnesses to giant dark matter entities known as UFOs.. They can't consider the possibility that just like living things can come in all sizes from dinosaurs to mosquities.. so can these entities.. and for those among them like the recent Pentagon official at CNN.. who acknowledge they perform feat not possible in aerodynamics.. and falsely attributing it to alien presence when dark matter entities can produce the same trick.

    So for these other universe scientists to detect them.. they need reeducation if they think like us.. lol...
    Hey, it's year end yuletide vacation period and time to relax the mind and accept some humor to release the tension and stress throughout the year. Merry Christmas everyone! :)
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    I would think that in a multiverse composed of a near infinite number of universes, that in some of those universes fairies and/or goblins would be required

    And that in some of those universes fairies and goblins would be the scientists.

    And even some globlins!
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    You were assuming fresh and blood fairies and goblins in other "multiverse"? Even in physics.. we need to use the right definition to avoid confusion.. in our universe.. "fairies" and "goblins" are words to reserve creatures that are anything but flesh and blood. In my country, we mostly have so much reports of bad goblins possessing school children. This occurs elsewhere in other parts of the world too:


    All right. You may think they are all simply deluded as this is what our physics can give us at this point in time. But note of this. Even if they are delusions, "fairies" and "goblins' were not flesh and blood in our universe. So we mustn't use the terms to refer to them as scientists in other multiverses.

    This is just to illustrate semantics is important when comparisons are made or this or other multiverses (therefore this post is to clarify semantics and i'm not violating any forum rule).

    Speaking of multiverses. What are good books related to string landscapes and multiverses, are they same? how do they differ?

    To be scientific. Let's avoid talking about the fairies and golbins and narrow it down to multiverses and high scale supersymmetry. If there were high scale supersymmetry.. does it mean supersymmetry is still not dead?

  7. Jan 1, 2018 #27
    Every failure to find evidence is viewed optimistically,
    giving rise to a clamor for more funding and higher
    energies. It was never a beautiful idea; not even pretty.
    Like GUTs, it arose out of nothing more fundamental
    than a desire to extend an idea (standard symmetry
    gauge groups) that was at the time novel, and giving
    rise to multiple Nobel prizes. As a graduate student
    I was pushed very hard to commit to SUSY. I saw
    absolutely nothing elegant or beautiful in the idea,
    so in the end disappointed my mentors by looking
    elsewhere for Dirac’s mathematical beauty.

    Want to assess its value accurately? Take a vote, but
    take each yes vote and divide by some measure of how
    much that person’s funding and reputation will be hurt
    if it fails (and how many fruitless years (nay, decades)
    they’ve committed to the idea).
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