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A Is the Plank length the same in every direction?

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    while i understand what plank length is... Has it ever been measured on multiple axis? As an indicator of the granularity has the plank length (or second) been thus measured?
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    That's like asking is one meter the same on multiple axes. Being a unit of measure, of course it is the same in every direction.

    The Plank length is, as I recall, something like 20 ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE smaller than our ability to measure.
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    It appears that you do not understand what Planck's length is, because the Planck length is not something that is "measured". It is a quantity derived by combining several fundamental constants that are measured that dimensionally, when combined, give rise to a sole remaining dimension of length. It is determined without any physical context whatsoever. Specifically, the Planck length is the square root of a quantity equal to the reduced Planck's constant times Newton's constant divided by the speed of light cubed.
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