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Is their a secret, a huge one?

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    If you have any knowledge about Hindu mythology, theres a lot of work on something called "Maya"...Maya is a hindi word which means "fake, unreal, fantasy or imagination"...

    Most religious books say that "Maya" is designed to prevent men from reaching his actual goal in life, and thats to attain "Moksha"...."Moksha" inturn means "Freedom from the fake world, freedom from Maya, freedom from the cycle of birth & death"...

    It also says that a man can defy all laws of nature at his will...

    It says that this world is designed to make men occupied with fake but attractive things and thus hamper their actual purpose..

    Doesnt this sound like Matrix? There was this talk that the concept of Matrix was infact taken from this Hindu belief...

    So is this possible that it is actually a fake world designed to keep us occupied...Is this all fake & unreal? Can we actually defy all laws of nature at our will???
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    This kind of idea is pervasive throughout religions around the world whether they explicitely call our world an illusion or not. In general, union with God is always considered the ultimate reality and, of course, God can do whatever God wants. However, philosophically and psychologically speaking, the idea can also be viewed in more personal terms.

    For example, Galileo proved Aristotle was wrong, that heavier objects do not fall faster than light ones. Did Galileo discover something about reality, or was his actually a creative act? Did he somehow create a new reality where heavier objects fall at the same rate as lighter ones? Similarly, when we attempt to measure subnuclear particles are we creating the particles we observe or discovering them?

    Along these same lines, if we can change the laws of nature at will, can this be considered yet another law of nature?

    Words only have demonstrable meaning according their function in a given context.
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    personally, i don't like the terms fake or illusion. they imply that this world is worthless or meaningless.

    i believe that this world is valid and what the various ideas were trying to say with one word, was that there is a broader reality that includes the physical world. i prefer to think that the wise men of history were saying 'don't get lost in the temporal (illusionary) rewards'.

    this experience is real and has meaning. we have the luxury of honing our skills of energy manipulation within the laws of physics. i suspect that this greater or broader reality is much more freeform (which intuitively, leads us to believe in chaos theory).

    we are here to have fun playing with the physical world to understand our role in the universe and learn how we create our experience. the difficult part is understanding that this happens on many levels (dimensions). within QT, how does the observer of an event affect the event?

    perhaps we will rediscover the insights of the wisemen of yore and understand how this world is used to expand our awareness of ourselves. we, thus, enhance our abilities in other realms of the universe.

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    Secret huge one?

    In my town there is no "secret huge one" Most of the girls know of my anatomy (just kidding)

    Maya does mean illusion but I think the world appears to us as 'maya" because our thoughts distort the truth, not the truth distorts our thoughts.

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