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I Is there a boiling analog to sublimation?

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    Liquid water sitting can evaporate without a problem, given that the vapor pressure surrounding it is less than the temperature dependent saturated vapor pressure. Similarly, an ice cube can also evaporate without becoming liquid under these same conditions. However, an extreme form of evaporation is boiling, when the saturated vapor pressure of liquid exceeds atmospheric pressure. Does this also exist with ice, and it is it just as violent and quick of a process?
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    Boiling is when the saturated vapor pressure of the liquid equals atmospheric pressure: it can't exceed atmospheric pressure and remain liquid. Dry ice exists on that line as well.

    Boiling is "violent" not because of the chemical properties, but because of the physical arrangement of a pot of water: bubbles forming at the bottom of the pot have to go through the water to escape. You can't do that with dry ice except perhaps by putting a heating element inside a solid block and heating until it cracks...if it isn't porous...
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