Is there a word for the Group with metals, metalloids and non-metals

  1. I was just wondering what the word is that describes the group of Metals and Non-Metals and Metalloids.

    Hydrogen, Calcium, Carbon are all Elements

    Metals, Metalloids and Non-Metals are all _______

    If there happens to be no such word please comment so.
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    Metals, metalloids, non metals come under elements only. They are different TYPES of elements. As to ur three other questions...I would like to know what u r specifically asking.
  4. I'm wondering what exactly is the word used to group metals, non-metals and metalloids.
  5. The Periodic Table is split into three groups: metals, non-metals and metalloids. Those three groups ARE the periodic table. So the only answer to your fill-in-the-blank is "Elements."
  6. But the word "group" in the periodic table is already used (for the vertical columns 1-8).
  7. Perhaps I misunderstand the question:

    Is the answer not simply matter ?
  8. Thanks for trying but that's pretty vague, like saying that Toshiba laptops, Mac laptops and Acer laptops are all technology. Perhaps there is no word.
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    "categories of elements"?

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