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Is there going to be more or less demand for analog designers in the future?

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    On the one hand, there the argument that things are going digital, and most IC design firms now try to have as few analog components as they can. On the other hand, as long as you're interfacing with the real world, you can never really design a completely digital system.

    Also, I hear that there's a shortage of good analog designers nowadays because most people prefer to study digital IC design. True?
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    I think the demand will stay about the same. Yes, electronics is moving to digital but as digital speeds increase, a good understanding of analog effects and even RF will become more important. RF is continuing to develop and now incorporates a large amount of digital technology. Knowing analog will open up additional opportunities in digital.
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    Every signal that goes from place to place, including from one part of a microchip to another, is an analogue waveform. Forget that at your peril.
    Every digital i.c. needs a power supply (an analogue device).

    People will always need someone who understands that digital signals and simulations are only half the job. Bad news is that the analogue engineer may get paid a bit less because it's not sexy enough.
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    It is an analog world, everything is still analog. Yes, there are a lot more jobs for digital design than analog. But at the same time one need a lot more knowledge to design analog than digital. So competition is less also.

    But the nature of analog design shift in the last 10 or 15 years. There are more jobs in analog IC design than anything else.
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