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Is there relationship between resistivity and bandgap?

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    is the material, which has a larger bandgap, more resistive:confused: ?

    thanks for answering:smile:

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    As far as I know for semiconductors, there isn't any relationship. The bandgap has to do with the atomic arrangment. The conductivity, which is the inverse of resistivity, is a function of carrier concentration and mobility. These can be altered through doping. I don't even see a relationship among intrinsic samples.
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    Your question itself is confusing.

    There is a clear connection between the two as far as the dependence of the resistivity as a function of temperature. In other words, someone with a larger bandgap will have a different temperature evolution of resistivity when compared with another material with a smaller band gap.

    One can also plot the IV characteristics and see a "gap" in the low voltage region, the size of which corresponds to the size of the band gap.

    But really, I'm not sure what exactly the question is asking for.

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    i have a clearer picture now

    thanks for answering:smile:
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