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Is work on Unified physics happening

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    When will unification of physic happening and how will it help us , or modern AI will unify physics or bring even more advance concepts ?
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    If by "unification of physics" you mean the development of a unified theory of quantum gravity, which is the current big outstanding problem.... we won't know until it happens. And when it does, it will likely lead to the next big outstanding problem.
    Again, we won't know until we find it.
    There is no reason, based on what we know understand, to think that modern AI will be involved.
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    The results of experiments on LHC where it useful in anyway to help unified physics theory ? Or can it be used to get unified physics theory
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    The LHC is being used to test the standard model of particle physics. Anything it finds that is contrary to its predictions could of course lead to a new and better theory.

    Whether it leads to a final unified theory is anybody’s guess but we have to play the game to find it if it exists. The history of science has been that new theories with better predictions replace older theories.

    As an example, General Relativity replaced Newton’s gravitational theory and has proven useful in our current understanding of black holes. However, Newton’s theory is still useful for predicting the orbits of our planets and satellites and so it’s still taught.

    I’m sure the unified field theory will be in the same vein, it will help us bridge the gap between quantum mechanics and extreme gravity giving us a better picture of what transpires inside a black hole. From there it would help us understand more of the universe.

    But you know, knowledge is a lot like peeling an onion, there are always more layers to peel back and each attempt is fraught with a lot of crying as the difficulties and confusion of results mount before we succeed.

    In the end, there may well be a series of final theories continuing endlessly onward and we may never find the final final theory.
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