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I Isothermal Expansion of Supersonic Flow

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    In a standard converging-diverging rocket nozzle, we have (ex.) the relation:[tex](1-M^2)\frac{dV}{V}=-\frac{dA}{A}[/tex]By substituting in definitions, we can obtain[tex]\left(1-\frac{V^2}{\gamma R T}\right)\frac{dV}{V} = -\frac{dA}{A}[/tex]This shows the dependence on temperature.

    The relation assumes that the gas expands, accelerates, and cools in an adiabatic process. I would like to know what would happen if the temperature were instead held constant (i.e., by adding energy as the gas expands and accelerates)--but I have been utterly unable to find appropriate equations to replace the isentropic flow relations in the derivation.

    What equations apply in this situation?

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    Do some research on the thermodynamics of jet engine combustion chambers and reheat systems .
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