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It is a physical problem ~

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    It is a physical problem.. plz help~

    In certain experiments it is desirable to have a region of constant magnetic
    flux density. This can be created in an off-center cylindrical cavity that is
    cut in a very long cylindrical conductor carrying a uniform current density.
    The uniform axial current density is J=az j
    Find the magnitude and direction of B in the cylindrical cavity whose axis
    is dispalced that of the conducting part by a distance d

    I am depressed because of this problem. I have know idea...... ㅜㅜ

    so... I submit this forum. plz help~
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    Welcome to the Physics Forums, fufufuha. This sounds like a homework problem, and if it is, it should be posted in the PF Homework forums:


    What textbook is this problem in? It sounds like they want you to calculate the B field inside a hollow cylindrical conductor, where there is a uniform DC current flowing up the cylinder wall. It sounds like the answer should show that the B field is fairly uniform off-axis from the center axis of the cylinder. My guess is that you can use Ampere's Law for this, but my E&M books are all at work at the moment, and I'm home...

    Edit -- after re-reading your post, I don't think that I understand the geometry of the conductor and the hollow cylinder portion after all. Is there a diagram associated with this problem?
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    I'm sorry that I'm not good at this forum.

    Anyway~ Thanks berkeman
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