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IT specializations

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    hey .........
    could anyone plz mention the specializations in this major "Information Technology"
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    This is a quite old thread, but I think it is still not too late for me to say something, right ? :wink:
    I guess you might have wanted to know what people in this area were learning. It is really broad, and might be including information processing, network architecture, then might also have computer graphics, web designs, etc and even bioinformatics, grid computing(GA,neural,fuzzy), robotics, many more, you just need to think of it as something relating to today's computer technology and figure it out in your own way.
    Things always develop, evolve, people mix them all together, if you are not familiar with the term "information technology", just create your own term like "computer thingies, techniques in computers, information processing with computers...."
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