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It's all about the passion

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    Hello everyone, I'm a 16 year old student from Greece..i wish i would had found this forum earlier. First of all id like to meet people with the same interests as me..high school students, under/post graduate students, or even proffesors to share things with me. I have to say that i started occupy myself with science 5-6 months ago...unfortunately although i was an A+ student i didnt deeply emphasize on the subjects because i was kind of addicted in video games...but this changed 5-6 months ago, i started reading scientific books...started doing mathematics because i love them...and mathematics for competitions, and also emphasize in physics in school, i have the dream to participate in the iPhO ...I'd love to meet people from here women/men...to talk about science,maths or w/e you like!! thanks
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    Welcome Kostas!
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    great to be with you guys!
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