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I've been drinking and I'm trying to cook a pizza

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    It might not be rocket science, but this pizza is kicking my butt. first of all it's hot. very very hot. I think it is done, but I'm not sure. I'm going to take a bite. It looks hot, but I've been fooled before. I'll let you know if it's icy in the middle or not. I'm guessing not because I never get lucky like that. I'm betting that the first bite scalds my palette.
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    lol, this thread has been up for about an hour, pizza is gone, and no one has even read this thread. that's okay. they can't all be gems.
    ps looked hot, was hot.l
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    this thread reminds me of jimmyp's embarassing moments thread. only one reply.
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    Seeing as how you're resorting to talking to yourself here, will a pity reply do? Personally, I choose to stick my finger in the middle of the pizza to find out if the center is cold or hot before I take that first bite.
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    Just wondering: How much did you have to drink? lol
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    Talk with Les Sleeth about pizza ovens (it may help you).
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    jimmy p

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    If I recall, that was you wasnt it?? :tongue2:
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