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IYPT question on elastic space and need ideas for a hypothesis to investigate

  1. Jan 5, 2013 #1
    I am participating in the IYPT and i have encountered a question on elastic space which relates to gravity wells. I need to get a proper hypothesis that can be investigated within realistic parameters. I unable to get any new ideas because i am relatively new to the subject and dont have much to go on. Here's the question-

    The dynamics and apparent interactions of massive balls rolling on a stretched
    horizontal membrane are often used to illustrate gravitation. Investigate the system
    further. Is it possible to define and measure the apparent “gravitational constant” in
    such a “world”?

    i wanted to know if i could link my hypothesis with the theories of relativity which could be investigated with equipment from a school lab of course and whether you could suggest some other ideas i should investigate my hypothesis on. It does not necessarily have to be related to gravity wells but related in some way to gravity and their interactions with objects with mass, gravity wells is just something i came up with
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    Do the rules of the tournament allow you to ask help of others?
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    yes the tournament allows people to help others
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    Can you link us to the rules which show this?
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    thats fine but i was hoping someone could give me some ideas for my hypothesis
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