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Izit possible fabricate the quantum dot by cvd?

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    izit possible if i take nanoporous alumina or nanoporous silicon into the cvd.
    use the gallium powder n flow the ammonia gas.....
    can it make a gaN quantum dot?
    any idea to fabricate quantum dot without mbe?
    i think there sure has a simple and cheap way to make it...
    any idea?
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    III-V quantum dots have been made by MOCVD for at least over a decade now. The trick (I think it's called self-assembly) is to deposit a few monolayers over a (typically GaAs) substrate with a large lattice mismatch that puts the film in tensile strain. If you keep the number of monolayers down below a certain limit, the strain forces the film to break up into islands, and voila, you have your dots.

    There's probably several more ways to do this that I'm not aware of.

    Edit : In the above technique, the substrate is likely grown by MBE, so you'll have to "get" that from someone else. But I'll take a look to see if anyone has done this entirely on a MOCVD unit.
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