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Jet fuel contamination

  1. djeitnstine

    djeitnstine 619
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    Hi guys, are any of you familiar with jet fuel contamination? I'm doing a research paper on ways to reduce or prevent it. Any input and or links would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced
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  3. I would ask this question to Fred, he designs jet engines for a living.
  4. djeitnstine

    djeitnstine 619
    Gold Member

    Whoa that's awesome. Thats the career path I want to take. I'm guessing his user name is simply 'Fred' so i can just message him?
  5. Jet fuel is made to strict quality control standards.
    Why do you think that jet fuel is contaminated?
    What is it contaminated with?
  6. I think the OP means when it is stored in the aircraft or at the point of refuelling, not how it was manufactured.

    to the OP: It's FredGarvin that's into the jet R&D and a pretty helpful guy to boot.
  7. FredGarvin

    FredGarvin 5,087
    Science Advisor

    You're starting off with a pretty broad statement when you say contamination. I would first research the different forms of contamination that can exist...for example,
    - bacterial
    - microbial
    - foreign object
    - water
    - ice (akin to water contamination but desrves it's own heading)

    As far as links go, there aren't many out there for free. Some of the ones I know of are:








  8. djeitnstine

    djeitnstine 619
    Gold Member

    Sorry I didn't state it in my opening statement but its bacterial and microbial. Preferably microbial though. Thank you fred for the links.
  9. djeitnstine

    djeitnstine 619
    Gold Member

    Basically my report is on "What is microbial contamination in jet fuels and methods to reduce it" Do you think I can create a decent analytical report on this topic? Or will I simply be regurgitating pre-analyzed reports on this topic.
  10. FredGarvin

    FredGarvin 5,087
    Science Advisor

    Well, considering the vast amount of work done in this area, I can't really see you doing much other than reviewing existing works. Then again, I don't know how much of a chemist you are. It is my understanding that there are not that many aspects to what supports microbial growth...food, water, air... I can't really answer that for you. You need to be the judge after some of your preliminary research.
  11. djeitnstine

    djeitnstine 619
    Gold Member

    Ok thank you Fred. I think I will just settle for making a really good analytical report.
  12. Microbial growth is not all that common, and is not just a problem with jet fuel, as it also appears in diesel fuel and other hydrocarbons.. When you do find it the appearance is similar to coffee grounds.
    Regular draining of water can prevent it and the fuel also contains a biocide to prevent it.

    Here are some sites with more info:
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