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Jobs for New Sources of Energy

  1. Jul 31, 2008 #1
    I want to be involved in the research for searching for new forms of energy, to decrease our energy dependence. I am a starting senior in high school, and want to know what I should declare my major as.

    (As of now, I'm just going to go in as Physics most likely)
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    I think a lot of branches of engineering would be worth looking at, as well as chemistry. You won't have to decide right away, because for most schools the first year classes are almost identical for physics, engineering, and chemistry.
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    Agreed. You won't have to choose for awhile.

    Also, all of those fields will prepare you to study alternative energy, but since you already know you're interested, more important than your major is finding a mentor that is active in alternative energy research once you get to college.
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