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Journal Export Now Available

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    As stated early, we are preparing to upgrade the forum. The forum is scheduled to be upgraded late next week. Unfortunately the current journal is incompatible with the new journal. So I have written a simple script that will allow you to export the jounal entries for you to record locally and do whatever you wish with.

    In each users main journal page there is an export option. It's to the right of the "add entry", "view all" buttons. You can either copy and paste or save the web page.
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    Thanks. I already copied and pasted, but thought I'd give it a try just in case I liked the formatting better (with the export button, the oldest is at the top, whereas copying and pasting directly from the journal page left me with the most recent at the top...people can now do whichever suits their personal preference). One thing I noticed is that some extra characters get added. There's a backslash in front of every apostrophe and quotation mark. Is there any way to fix that? If not, folks should just be aware of it in case it would alter the meaning of something (I don't know who has what kind of formulas in their journals where this might cause some confusion if not caught and edited).
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    This is a great feature, Greg, it saves a lot of time. Thanks man
    So i can just save the link, right ?

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    Yeah do a file >> save as
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