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Jumping rings eddy currents

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    Guys & Gals

    Everyone has seen the jumping rings demonstration….

    Aluminium works fine, so does silver, iron and steel just stick to the coil

    Cut slots or drill holes in the disks and you get what you would expect


    Why doesn’t gold work?


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    Sorry, I have no clue what you are talking about but it sounds interesting so if you want to add some detail I will gladly learn more about it

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    Now I know what a jumping ring is but I am still clueless about what could make gold and silver behave differently in such an experiment. Is it a well known fact or something you have tried personally?
    Because the first thing I would think about is "was your gold real gold?"...

    ;) Dario
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    18ct gold wedding ring, not quite pure but very close

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    have to say its curious gold wouldnt

    1. do you know the answer?
    2. did you actually try it?

    the way I interpret your post you actually did try it
    and are puzzled like us

    were the other rings you tried substantially bigger
    or smaller than the gold finger-ring?

    has the gold ring been cut and soldered closed?
    sometimes rings passed down in the family
    have had the size adjusted by removing a small

    dont see how either should make any difference but
    would like to know. sounds quite bizarre that gold would not jump
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    I wonder if the density matters.

    gold is heavier than aluminum
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    Maybe it has something to do with gold's magnetic permeability or electric permetivity...
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