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Just abit of fun

  1. Feb 19, 2004 #1
    Just abit of fun!!

    Find a 5 digit number that:
    · Has no two identical digits.
    · Has two digits that are perfect squares.
    · Has two digits that are prime.
    · Has one digit that is neither prime, or a perfect square.
    · That has the second digit six less than the fourth digit.
    · That has the last digit half of the third digit.
    · That has the first digit three greater than the last digit.
    What's the number?
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    Re: Just abit of fun!!


    am I right? that is how my process went
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    matt grime

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    none of those digits satisifies 'neither prime nor square'
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    oh, you're right :(
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    I think the answer is 73894.
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