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Suggestion Just an idea

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    I was thinking that if any way possible Greg should try to get an App for the iPod/iPhone. It would be so handy :biggrin: I would love it and would be willing to help, if need be, too! Just some food for thought...I know Greg has alot on his plate already.
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    Can you further your thoughts on this? We do have a PDA/Phone skin available.
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    I can provide my thoughts. I hope the OP doesn't mind.

    This is something that I too have been thinking about, but granted the limitations of the pre iPhone OS 3.0 software, it did not look like an attractive idea. But now that we have a bunch of new APIs with the new Iphone OS 3.0, a PF app doesnt sound too bad at all!

    The following features, IMHO, will make an attractive app:
    1) Ability to read, compose, and do general management of PMs. With the new true push notification, the user can be notified when a new PM arrives.
    2) Notification of replies to threads which the user has created. Push notifications for this.
    3) Notification of other replies to threads that the user has replied to. Push notifications for this.
    4) Ability to subscribe to threads and receive notifications of replies. Subscription to specific forums would also be a nice feature.
    5) Ability to receive PF updates. For example, notification/reminders of PF chats would be awesome!
    6) RSS feed of new threads
    7) Ability to make a foot long sub. This can be done using the new sandwich_maker API.
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    I couldn't have put it better myself, even if I tried. Well done ranger!
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    Pf provides RSS.
    There are many iphone applications that let you see RSS.

    I really don't see any major benefits when you can simply access the website from mobile browser ..

    As for PM etc notifications, I believe you get email notifications. So, you just need to use the mail application for that.
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    This is what I need. Yes. An opportunity to spend more time on PF.

    As it is, PF is already going to be named in my wife's murder defense trial.
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    For those who want to access PF on the go, can I recommend Opera Mini (http://www.opera.com/mini/). I have only recently downloaded Opera Mini on my Blackberry, but it has completely revolutionised the way I browse the internet on my phone. The data is compressed by the Opera servers before being sent to your phone, which makes browsing very quick indeed.

    One small drawback however, is that Opera Mini shouldn't be used for secure transactions since all data (even encrypted data) is decrypted by the Opera severs before being transmitted to your phone or the website.
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    Opera mini does not (yet?) have an iPhone-compatible version

    I agree, no need for push notifications, just use email notifications and push email.
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    There are lots of websites that can be simply viewed from a mobile browser: facebook, twitter, amazon, etc. But having an app form them makes viewing more convenient and fun. And why use email push notifications when there already exists a true push notification API?

    I doubt there will ever be a opera mini version for the iPhone. Apple won't allow it. There is already a version according to Opera, but its not in the app store, because it competes with Apple's mobile safari.
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